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  •  It's people being scared of a humbug. (0+ / 0-)

    Good God!, the degree of social cowardice around this is just appalling.  

    "Oh, but someone might think.....!"  

    Who's this "someone" who "might think" something bad, and why should anyone care?  The chattering classes just love putting on the air of Victorian opprobrium and taking offense in a Most Theatrical Way, don't they?   Drama! drama! drama!, all the jeers and tears at six!  

    It's not as if he picks his nose at business meetings or runs around grabbing at women's boobies.  Or shows up in Congress smelling like alcohol and carrying a flask in his coat.  Or signs orders to torture people.  

    Sheesh!  With that kind of attitude going around, I could make a fortune selling Fart Filters for people to put in their rear ends so they don't offend anyone at work after lunch!  (And now, New and Improved Fart Filters!, with built-in acoustical muffler!  The ultimate in personal discretion!)

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