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  •  Sb's comment are spot on. (5+ / 0-)

    Even for the guys, it is rare that I can buy a jersey at the local bike shop - they usually seem to stock for the Lance-alots! The chamois (padded) underwear go along way to assembling a functional cycling outfit - get two, clean and rotate. But watch out for you choice of outerwear (shorts) if they are not cycling specific. The seams in the crotch (like jeans) can be an amazing source of pain and injury - don't ask how I know!!!  8-) It sounds like Sb is lucky - uurrrhh uhmmmm - in this area.

    The aero tuck design and riding form is for getting from point A to point B either as fast or as energy-efficiently as possible. I could argue that when cycling for health and fitness we actually benefit from an upright, high drag, posture!

    More importantly antimony is right, the aero tuck is uncomfortable or in some cases almost impossible. It puts a tremendous stress on the wrists, elbows, neck, etc. It takes a lot of work to become conditioned to and comfortable in the tuck. For what?  Oversimplifying here, but if you are not going to race fuggedaboutit!

    The skill to learn on a bicycle is spinning. Most people find it unnatural but increasing your revs takes the load off your knees and increases endurance which makes the whole experience more enjoyable - but again the fit has to be there first. Low seats encourage mashing on the pedals, especially going uphill.

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