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View Diary: Democrats signal willingness to move towards GOP position on spending (256 comments)

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    decision making based upon the results of the midterms. Who can blame them? The temperature of the country is measured not from the entire electorate, but from the turnout electorate. As such, the US is still very much a  center right country, at least until 2012.

    •  In other words, the learned the wrong lesson. (3+ / 0-)

      As I had seen predicted here as the midterms were happening, the Democrats have learned the wrong lesson.  They think the people want them to become more like Republicans.  They don't.

      On issues, this country is not center-right.  Large majorities of this country want liberal policies when they're polled about the policies without being told which party supports those policies.  That reveals that the Democrats could win the political argument, but they just suck at arguing skillfully.  They have the necessary substance, they just totally lack promotional skill.

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