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  •  Why do you guys keep getting your hopes up? (0+ / 0-)

    I mean, seriously, has the entire track record of the Obama administration not become apparent by now?  Obama can't negotiate worth a damn.  If he faces any opposition he caves to the point where he gives the opposition exactly what they want (because the opposition smartly comes in asking for more than they really expect to get).  He passed a Republican tax cut and called it a compromise.  Read that again he passed a Republican tax cut and called it a compromise.

    Obama clearly has no clue.  And it's not that "he's one of them" either.  He simply has no well defined moral compass that controls what he is going to do, and therefore he has nothing backing him up to stand up to Republicans.  It took balls for Clinton to stand up to the Republicans and cause the government to shut down.  

    From Wikipiedia.  

    Clinton writes:[1]

    "Armey replied gruffly that if I didn't give in to them, they would shut the government down and my presidency would be over. I shot back, saying I would never allow their budget to become law, "even if I drop to 5 percent in the polls. If you want your budget, you'll have to get someone else to sit in this chair!" Not surprisingly, we didn't make a deal."

    That is something I simply would never expect Obama to be capable of.  The sad thing is that is something I could see Bush being capable of.  Bush was one of our worst presidents ever, but he had strong leadership qualities, simply because he was stubborn enough to refuse to back down from what he wanted.  Obama is no doubt smarter than Bush and his view of the world is better, but he doesn't have the characteristics necessary to actually accomplish anything.  

    And it's really no surprise this happened with a candidate that came out of nowhere and had no executive track record to speak of.  Nor did he have well defined goals he was trying to accomplish, but only nebulous "change", which he also failed to accomplish.  

    And as for the Democrats they really have no choice but to fold when they're going to have their primary party spokesman stabbing them in the back nonstop.  Obama has been a huge setback for the Democratic party, and it actually would probably be better if he lost in 2012.  Democrats will not recover Congress while he is president and Obama's attitude means that he will end up acting as a defacto Republican president for the rest of his term.  The Bush tax cuts will be extended again in 2013 and will continue to be until the ratings agencies downgrade our credit rating.  

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