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View Diary: Stay away for now, WI Dems. It's a trap. (148 comments)

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    It is not so much giving up on a particular point, but it is more like the marshalling and concentrating of resources and thought to fight the battle that can be won. Guerrilla tactics are meant only to delay; battles need to be identified that can be won.  You can fight forever and accomplish nothing or you can plan your battles and strike with strength.  

    I knew a month ago that SB11 would pass muster and be signed by Walker.  It was not that difficult to ascertain as they held a significant majority in both houses and the fact that the governor is an ubercon.  It was bound to pass despite the courageous effort of the Senate Dems.  

    However, it cost the Republicans more political currency than they wanted to spend as they painted themselves in a bad light to much of the nation with the exception of the wingnuts.  And, of course, it aroused the solidarity of fair minded people in all walks of life.  It is time to go ahead and look forward to a winnable engagement… that being the recall elections that could signal changes ahead in legislative representation.  

    In addition, the April 5 election of a Supreme Court Judge and the Milwaukee County Executive could abruptly change the political landscape for the Republicans.  The election of JoAnne Kloppenburg to the Supreme Court would change the make-up to 4-3 liberal.  The election of Chris Abele would cleanse the demons with a true negotiatorfrom the post previously held by our disingenuous governor.

    “Lay down your arms,” spoke King Xerxes of Persia at Themopylae.  King Leonidas of Sparta replied, “Come take them!”

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