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View Diary: Kafka: Gov't Tries Barring Newspaper Articles, Whistleblowing & Over-Classification at Drake Trial (13 comments)

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    How did the FBI stumble onto him in the first place? The reports say it was because the FBI was investigating the leaks about the NSA wiretapping program.

    How did that investigation get involved with Trailblazer and Drake? At what point did the FBI decide it had evidence enough to raid the homes of Drake and his associates Roark and the 3 other ex-NSA workers?

    Where did it run across that evidence? Was it investigating the Baltimore Sun stories too? Why was it investigating them? If they didn't have classified information in them, why were they able to raid Drake's house?

    Why has Siobhan Gorman not been subpoenad like James Risen has? What is the difference in the cases?

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