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  •  It can't be done with spending cuts alone (3+ / 0-)
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    there has to be a combination of spending cuts and raising taxes on the upper incomes. At the very least, the tax rates on the rich should go back to Clinton era levels. There are plenty of other areas we can cut. It doesn't have hit those who are most needy.

    Re-read the comment above. There is no mention that more taxes create better jobs. What IS being said is that raising taxes will raise revenue. Creating better paying jobs and getting people back top work will raise revenue.

    This nation is hardly in dire straits. Our debt to GDP was much higher in WWII. And the rich were taxed at a 90% rate under Eisenhower. We seem to have done just fine since then.

    If giving the rich or employers as you refer to them (I prefer corporate masters), then why have more jobs been created under Obama than Bush?

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