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  •  Shock Doctrine doesn't work (3+ / 0-)
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    Bob Friend, Puddytat, walkshills

    without a dismantling of preventative systems and erosion of infrastructure expenditure first for maximum calamity. Plus, they get some mean liquid funds or tax cuts from the anemia of our commons. What's not to love in that scenario (if you're a destructive greedy douche-bag)?

    •  By destructive greedy douche-bag, I mean... (0+ / 0-)

      A step lower on the spiritual civic chain below fascist. They're worse than fascists because at least a fascist would seek to uplift their country comparatively in relation to other nations. No, this is globally worse than that. Unprecedented even by Roman standards. Slavery states - even if your ever-dwindling chits let you buy consumer crud masking the feeling, all society is being eroded to a low common denominator. The US standard bearer in labor, protections and oversight is in the way - clearly that beacon makes trouble elsewhere. Brutal. And they get our Treasury to fund the effort by not paying into the system, or just taking it outright? Criminal. Hell no!

    •  Or my favorite dirty snafu... (1+ / 0-)
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      just buy a politician and the message, defund the opposing voice, distract with false wedges AND...

      "Buy" the commons with a "crony" no-bid contract while everyone is mopping up the messes, bouncing around righting the wrongs, cleaning up your spills, particiating and hamstrung by your new ever-changing blows and arbitrarily applied "rules."

      For maximum success, shut down or control indy communication (net neutrality), limit recourse in the courts (tort reform) and cut off funding and organization sources for majority opposition.

      Yeah, like we're that stupid? No, we're so onto them. they are so few and we're coming... If I respected them in the slightest I'd tell them to run now (irrespective of "party affiliation" in many cases.

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