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    It's become the only thing that changes Republican minds these days.  Otherwise, the sky is the limit when it comes to allowing their greedy donors from pulling the very last nickel out of the wallet of the American taxpayer and then turning them upside down and shaking them for more.

    Pull back safety regulations until you get a body count.  Pull back drug regulations until you get a body count.  Don't worry about whether levees are built right until you get a body count.  Don't worry about making sure our water is safe or our food is safe until people start dropping dead.

    When the body count gets high enough and regulations are again put in place "so it never happens again", sit back and wait for people to forget and then squeal at the top of your voice about intrusive government regulation and the need to repeal it.  Rinse and repeat.

    When government responds only to body counts and the political necessity of ass-covering with quickie attention-getting hearings with the customary tsk tsking of "no one could have predicted that was going to happen", we need to remind the politicos that it is their job to forsee the results of deregulation.

    The solution is easy to see, but not so easy to implement for the puppets of the monied elite so let me spell it out for them:

    When we allow bankers and Wall Streeters to steal peoples college funds and pensions, we need to hold them to account and make the pay the damn money back and not go on collecting millions in bonuses.  

    Ditto for those who build crappy levees.  Send them to prison for the deaths they caused (it's called murder).

    Electrocute our soldiers with shoddy electric work, build crappy stuff that falls down and kills people.  See under crappy levees, responsibility for.

    E Coli and salmonella someone ate came from your plant?  You get all the hospital bills, funeral expenses, and a trial for .... you guessed it ... murder.

    You put out bad drugs that hurt or kill people.  See under food poisoning.  Enjoy life in prison.

    You don't pay your taxes.  Leavenworth was built for you.   Enjoy your stay.

    You only need to prosecute a few of these criminals to convince the monied interests to do the right thing.  It just takes political leaders with balls.

    "These protesters are a bunch of slobs" -- Wis State Sen Grothman (R-Wingnuttia). Who knew one day it would be heroic to be called a slob.

    by Puddytat on Sun Mar 13, 2011 at 10:27:48 PM PDT

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