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  •  Everything old (none)
    is new again, isn't it.  I hope we don't get to the stage where white supremacists or Christian Reconstructionists hold that much power, but the sign are not as favorable as I once thought they were on Election Day eve.
    •  Behold the strom troopers (4.00)
      Irene Du Pont seems to have funded the Black Legion:

      FDR did what he could to get the economy moving...and big business hated him for it...many American industrialists looked longingly at the growing Fascist movements in Europe, and some invested heavily in rebuilding and rearming Germany...'In l935,' writes Higham, 'Irene duPont used General Motors money to finance the notorious Black Legion...

      "' The members wore hoods and black robes, with skull and crossbones. They firebombed union meetings, murdered union organizers...and dedicated their lives to destroying Jews and Communists. Wealthy media interests also supported fascism. The Hearst papers praised Hitler...the July l934 edition of Fortune magazine said, 'Fascism is achieving in a few years or decades such a conquest of the spirit of man as Christianity achieved only in l0 centuries...'" (Litchfield l8l-3. Emphasis added).  

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