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  •  Great Diary...a 4 and Recommended...but, (4.00)
    I might challenge your last couple paragraphs by asking: who's to say they're not succeeding right now?  PermaWar and the reversal of decades of FDR-initiated improvements in the lives of Americans is happening NOW.

    On another note, I was struck by one part of this story I had not been aware of: Joe McCarthy's dusting off of the Committee used to investigate REAL fascists and a REAL plot to overthrow the US government in order to threaten left-wingers.

    Kind of like Watergate impeachment by the Dems over REAL abuses of power being dusted off by Starr et al. to get Clinton impeached for fallatious reasons, thereby creating an issue that weakened Gore in 2000 (although as we all know, he won).  That was a coup, but just more sophisticated and the result of a better planned and executed strategy.

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