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    those s.o.b.'s piss me off so much my rant started drifting off course a bit, upon review. I was subconsciously starting to include responses to the blog I read just before this one, one of the "I am Joe Shit4Branes" ones. Whenever anyone says "I was deceived by the fancy rhetoric!" I just don't believe that excuse. They were "deceived" by their assessments of the "benefits" they would accrue by going along with the song and dance is the only thing they were "deceived" by.

    And then there are the truly stupid, which our pals bu$hco have thrown into the mix and they can't be discounted like they normally deserve because who knows what the F. they will do next.

    But the ones who voted for them but should've known better? They know all their excuses are b.s., which is why many of them will never turn. They just voted for an effort to get some larceny and bigotry against their neighbours voted in legal, and they know it.

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