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View Diary: The Real Plot to Overthrow FDR's America (166 comments)

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  •  Thanks (none)
    Excellent post.  I stumbled onto Jules Archer's excellent book "The Plot to Seize the White House" many years ago while browsing at the Strand Book Store in New York City.  I was astounded that I had never heard anything about Smedley Butler or the plot he thwarted.  Clearly this episode has been deliberately expunged from the history books.

    Oliver Stone made an announcement a few years ago that he was going to make a film about this, but he apparently was never able to come up with the funding.  What a shock.

    •  Perhaps we could raise the money (none)
      The same way the internet helped fund the Dean and Kerry campaign, we could try to raise the money for Stone to make this movie. You know he could never get any money from corporate backers. This is a story that must be told. Since we are dealing with a population who doesn't beleive anything until they see it in film or video, this might be just the thing we need. I remember when F911 first came out, many people on the other side (the Bush side) were amazed, they never knew any thing. I heard many say, "hell, I could never vote for George Bush now". It was not until the Rove propaganda machine went to work on Michael Moore did they start to disbeleive what Moore had to say. Perhaps Oliver Stone is not the best candidate to produce this movie, maybe Clint Eastwood, then they will beleive it more. I think we should look into this, imagine if we on the blogs could raise enough money to get a film like this produced. Nothing we say would ever be minimized ever again. I am sure within our fold we have a couple of talented screenwriters. Am I getting carried away, or is it a feasable idea?
      •  Stone would be the LAST person you want making it. (none)
        That'd be like having Michael Moore make it. You want someone like Michael Mann to have a go, so there's no "radical lefty" tag attached that is allowed to distort the history that is there on screen.

        It's a damn shame that one of the most important facets of American history is not only never taught to children today, but still goes ignored by the press to this day.

      •  In terms of getting someone they'd believe, (0+ / 0-)

        Eastwood is actually someone they might listen to. However, I really have to wonder if you'd be able to get him, or if you did, if he'd actually tell it like it was... having him tell it might be a golden opportunity for them to use him to twist the story out of all recognition.

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