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  •  I read recently that McCarthyism was initiated by (none)
    Democrats. I was a little shocked by this.

    I read about Smedley Butler about a year ago, and poked around a little bit. Quite an omission of history, I would say.

    It is good that these issues are being talked about on this 'Democrat Blog'. I think it really lays the groundwork for an anti-corporatist initiative, which, as I have said before, is imperative if the Dems are ever going to be a powerful political force.

    •  Looking for history on this (none)
      Are there any good history books on McCarthyism?

      What about American fascism in the 1920's, 30's and 40's? Something with decent bibliographies, or primary sources?

      There are Lies, Damned Liars and FOX News.' Politics Plus Stuff

      by Rick B on Sun Feb 27, 2005 at 08:08:54 PM PST

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    •  This "Democrat Blog"? (3+ / 0-)
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      tallen387, Maitland, larm007

      Maybe the people at Daily Kos identify themselves that way; if so, I missed it. :D

      I would actually class this site as Progressive, rather than Democratic. While it's true that most Progressives have been under the Democratic umbrella for many years now, most are growing more and more restive, as the hierarchy of the Party demonstrate more and more that they're about big money and "winning the game above all" themselves, rather than "fixing things."

      If you've ever wondered why the Party seems to have a split personality, this is why. Many people join (especially younger people) because the Party's speech is about social justice, fighting discrimination, and a cooperative approach that supports middle and lower classes as part of society, encouraging improvement and success. But after watching them in action for several years, national to local, I've become convinced that the leadership and some of the individuals lower down are all about the money and winning, and simply use the Progressive rhetoric to lure people in and try to keep them happy as their "base." (Much like how the GOP tries to talk "Christian-extremist" to keep that part of their base happy and on-board.) Granted, there are real Progressives running or in office who are Democrats who are trying to create change and fix problems... but they don't get the backing from their fellows where it counts: in action as well words, in votes and in public speeches/stances.

      This "stringer" policy by both parties is doomed to fail:

      In the case of the GOP, their catering to religious extremists is already showing cracks: when the extremists push for policies that the leadership feels are too extreme (or that threaten big money's power and money), they refuse to cater... which is alienating the extremists. Some internal war there, or even a split, is good news for the rest of us... but the bad news is, the fact that big business controls major media means that their plan of pushing religion as a yardstick for office, dumbing down and lying to the electorate, etc., has already affected the rest of us and will continue to do so for some time.

      In the case of the Democrats, the lack of "walking the talk," the backing down in the face of right-wing extremists, and the lack of support for those among them who are actually trying to confront big money and religious extremism in politics, are all frustrating the hell out of Progressives who see the country and the world going to hell while the leadership dithers and stabs their own fellows in the back. While there are many examples at all levels of govt., Elizabeth Warren's various campaigns to clean up our economic actions and money and help the lower classes is a fine example of how the Party does not back these people.

      The problem (and potential solution) for the Progressives is this:

      This waffling and big talk with little actual return, votes, and support by the Democratic leadership has alienated a lot of the electorate, especially young voters. It has aided and abetted the GOP campaign to encourage voter apathy. Progressives campaign vigorously... but too much of the electorate, especially the young voters, don't go vote for the very things they say they want done... why? I think it's because they look to the Democratic Party, see the weaknesses and waffling and lack of progress, and decide "the whole system is corrupt," and they believe the GOP message that their one little vote doesn't matter. They've given up (the apathetic who don't vote).

      But, they are actually a sleeping giant! Should the Progressives actually manage to wake those people up and get them to the polls, they are likely to mow down any competition.

      The problem is, the Democratic Leadership doesn't really want that (no matter what they say) anymore than the GOP Leadership wants it... so they continue giving Progressive candidates as little help as possible.

      In the end I think both parties are going to fracture. While splitting is going to hurt the GOP enormously (because most of their voters follow the religious extremist end, not the big money end), it's actually going to help Progressives when they leave the Dems... once enough of them have done it, they have a good chance of waking that sleeping giant.

      In addition, the Democratic Progressives already have a party in place to go to: the Green Party. If you take the time to read the official platforms of the Dems and the Greens and compare the two, it becomes quite clear that the Greens are actually interested in action and work---they're the ones that get specific on problems, and propose specific solutions that involve action. In contrast, the platform for the Dems vaguely discusses a few big talking points along social justice lines... then proceeds in spending the remainder of its page space patting itself on the back, taking credit for the changes that have happened, often talking about them as though they had completed the journey, instead of taking only one or two first steps.

      Whether or not this Blog site identifies itself as Democratic (which is a different kettle of fish than what others call it), I think overall Daily Kos presents as a Progressive news site: they work and research, they are willing to take on corruption on both sides, and the promote actively for social and economic change that would help establish fairness and balance in our society.

      •  Thank you (1+ / 0-)
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        I see a lot of people wondering why we're not supporting Hillary (well, not supporting her as much as they've been told Democrats support her) on this site, so that can't be much of a surprise.

        The biggest problem I see is not enough down-ticket Greens.

        There was an election for county executive in a friend's locality recently.  All the Democrats' platforms were practically identical: "we will make Montgomery County strong!"

        (Strong?  As in, "we will crush the ignorant heathen of Howard County like the peasants they are!" kind of strong?)

        There were three open seats and only one Green candidate, who, even if he won, would have been outvoted if he ever went against the corporations.

        "You've got that eternal idiotic idea that if anarchy came it would come from the poor. Why should it? The poor have sometimes objected to being governed badly; the rich have always objected to being governed at all." -- "The Man Who Was Thursday"

        by tallen387 on Thu Jan 29, 2015 at 08:01:56 AM PST

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