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  •  Plumbing woes (18+ / 0-)

    Had the plumber out yesterday, but they had to come back today as there's a kink in the line. /sigh

    Other than that, it's a moderately OK Friday. My mom's gone out of town for the next week, so I have the house to myself, and my babies seem to love that (I got them when I still lived by myself--they never quite warmed up to having extra humans around). Cordy had to go had in the garage because the plumber's here, but Antony's on one of the dining room chairs, looking annoyed someone's banging around during his afternoon nap.

    Mother's wozzle is chillaxing. She knows the routine--my mom goes out of town, and I spoil her with treats. She seems to know when my mom's coming back, so on that day, she starts up with her doxie 'tude. But until then, she's better behaved than when my mom's here! Funny how doxies CAN mind you--they just often choose NOT to when they don't see any thing in it for them!

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