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View Diary: Iowa Woman Jailed for Thinking about an Abortion (258 comments)

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    The reason I ask is that I'd never seen it as a race issue but there was a discussion on a primarily african american board I visit regarding some of the new abortion laws and one of the women commented:

    Women (really aimed at white women, because I dont think they care if women of color have miscarriages or abortions) have no desire to be used as breeding mares to get the white population to stay the majority.
    This is so transparent and disgusting.

    But then I've heard others say there is a desire for a group of poor black folks most likely to make it to prison to make money for the private prison industry (free, cheap labor), and there was the recent ad of a black child that was put up saying the most dangerous place for an african american is the womb.

    Other than that ad, I'd never seen it targeted or discussed from a racial basis here on dkos, (not saying it hasn't been, just that I missed it), but rather from a financial/class basis as poor women are mostly affected since wealthy women can get what they want, even if they have to leave the country to get it.  I was wondering what the dkos take would be regarding the white majority theory or if there were other racial aspects I'd overlooked.

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    by S C B on Mon Mar 14, 2011 at 07:02:55 AM PDT

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