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View Diary: BREAKING "Operation LeakS" Releases Initial BofA Emails (166 comments)

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  •  ahh but here's the rub: (11+ / 0-)

    As LBJ once said, make them deny it.  

    Right now the spy vs. spy game is being played on so many levels we can't even imagine it.  So, which docs are real and which are fake?  Who knows?  But all of it taken together can be used to stir up a hell of a lot of outrage if we do it right.   And that outrage can be used to stir Washington to action, if nothing else, out of fear of primaries.  

    Meanwhile we should also be spreading the word that BofA is going to be sued out of existence by investors in mortgage-backed securities, and the prudent thing to do is get your money out now to avoid the hassles of dealing with an institution that is going to go through an FDIC takeover in a matter of a few weeks (if everything goes right, heh heh:-).

    When 10% of BofA's deposits get up and walk out the door, the FDIC will swoop down.  It only took 9% for WaMu.  10% is an easily achievable goal.  

    For political purposes, all of these docs can & should be taken as 100% real unless proven otherwise.  

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