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View Diary: No shocker: O'Keefe's NPR video is a lie (208 comments)

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    With corporate media control there is no need for truth only making money. All large media outlets,  ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, etc are conglomerate controlled FOR PROFIT entities. Everyone (including your children) should be taught that you should not always believe everything you see or read, that you should investigate further and look at sourced material only as fact. Most media outlets develop a narrative and will continue this storyline until there is no more interest/profit and move-on to something else.

    What can we do? Turn-off corporate controlled media, boycott products sold be their companies and hound them with emails and calls when you feel they are not providing  balanced news. Let your friends and neighbors know. Awareness is a powerful tool.

    The fact that conservatives, for years, have been gunning (no pun) for CPBs death should come as no surprise. But that one of their disgusting Satanic minions, O'Keef, would be able to copy paste and GET AWAY WITH IT with no other MAJOR media outlet challenging the outcome SPEAKS more about the lack of major media interest or major medias own evil self interest in perpetuating disgusting trolls like O'Keef.

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