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View Diary: Pharmaceutical company hikes price of preemie birth preventive (82 comments)

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    These guys remind me of the stereotypical blackmailer/extortionist who says "Gee, I know $1,500 is a lot of money, but, y'know, I'd sure hate to see your little baby go through all that grief for lack of a couple of shots, wouldn't you?"

    In this and in many other cases I can't help but think to myself "are these guys so stupid they can't figure out a way to make a lot of money that doesn't involve holding someone's life in the palm of their hand?"

    But, then again, they probably get a jolt out of putting the squeeze on someone who can't fight back.  Must be some of those real men I keep hearin' about......

    Miserable creeps!   Makes me sick!

    And, yeah, the demand that they "immediately reconsider the massive price increase", boy, I bet they're scared now!!

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