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  •  Some liberals are anti-worker (2+ / 0-)
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    I am really NOT trying to be inflammatory.  I also am pretty well sure that I can't find the words that will not be taken as an attack by some.  Apologies in advance. This subject is probably best talked about over beers or coffees with trusted friends, but I'll try it here:

    Many liberals in my area are well-educated and well-off.  I live in a town I share with an Ivy league school.  There is no shortage of awareness on things ranging from Darfur to arts funding to reproductive rights.  A fair number of bumper stickers supporting marriage equality and condemning the Iraq War.  A fair number of these same people complain about corrupt unions filled with lazy public employees.  I have been to dinner with folks that will champion the cause of providing free healthcare to poor moms in the city but will demand that cops and firefighters shouldn't have better coverage than the private sector.  I have heard from more than a couple self-proclaimed liberals that unions were a good thing 'in the past'.  These are the liberals that support charter schools (because, like our President declares, they are an example of 'innovation').  

    So, what's the relation to dems losing support in parts of our country?  Because, economically, they aren't doing anything dramatically different from Repubs.  A bit more here, or less there.  Maybe a slightly different path to some new, global marketplace that does not have a whole lotta room for people that make things in this country.  So, if there isn't a great difference on that level, the dems are left to compete on cultural hot button social issues.  

    It is this area that comfort level becomes paramount when two sides are vying for the hearts, minds, money, and votes of people.  I think that many liberals have a certain level of discomfort with working people, angry people, religious people, and gun-owning people.  Now, I know that this can be seen as stereotypical and anecdotal, but I do think there is some justification in the perception of liberals as being 'out-of-touch-with-the-American-worker' elitists.

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