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View Diary: Radioactivity, part 3: rads, rems, etc. (110 comments)

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    I am curious as to why you have neglected state in the issues of radioactive materials. Iodine has the problem of sublimating as a gas in its pure form making it very likely to spread.  Cesium and Strontium are solids making them less likely to escape and will have a shorter range than Iodine.  More of an issue with Cesium and Strontium is probably water solubility and whether droplets with dissolved ions were to escape.

    Also, what about the steam that is supposed to be radioactive?  Is that due to neutrons from the reactor creating tritium in the water, or are there dissolved reaction products?

    •  The reactions have stopped, so there should be no (2+ / 0-)
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      BlueDragon, Odysseus

      neutrons, or fairly close to it.

      As far as state, I didn't talk about it because it was a case of losing the forest for the trees (in particular, talking about the "state" of very small numbers of atoms is almost meaningless). My goal was to focus on what happens to the isotopes themselves.

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