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  •  Exactly right (6+ / 0-)

    but we can't excoriate the GOP and overlook that they are richly enabled by bad Democrats and Democrats who have been conned to believe a conventional wisdom that is poisonous to Democratic success.

    Why does our party play the role of the Washington Generals so well? Especially with what is at stake in America today. The GOP is literally destroying the American middle class. They aren't just wrong, they are dangerous and obviously so.

    Because the Democratic Party is willing to listen to people who don't care if a Democrat is ever elected to high office ever again as if they are coming forward in good faith.

    What insanity has a Democratic White House split between a bunch of idiots from Wall Street advising him to go cutting Social Security and a political team begging him to never stop defending the program?

    Listen to Group A, and you are finished as President, listen to Group B, and you inspire millions to never let you leave the White House without serving two terms.

    Where is the deeply divisive conflict that makes this a tough choice? Do one and you lose, do the other and you are well on your way to Bob Doling your GOP opponent in 2012.

    I don't try and compartmentalize anything on Obama. The President is a direct reflection of the thinking of his Party. No more and no less.  

    Only a Democrat would hire somebody who would sincerely advise him or her that cutting their own throat was not only on the table but that it was the most effective course to take.  

    I'm also saying that there is a surrender first wing of the Democratic Party that is and has been a huge part of the reason that the GOP has been able to paint outrageous abuses of power as 'bipartisan', and it never, ever inoculates them against future GOP attacks.

    Democrats joining with the GOP to defund ACORN only brought us round two with Planned Parenthood.

    We are in a bad place because of GOP obstructionism, no doubt, but we are in that bad place because more than a few powerful Democrats signed on to help them derail or water down policies that could have made 2010 a much less painful election.

    How do you fight for Social Security when Mark Warner will run to a tv camera and sandbag you with Rightwing talkingpoints about raising the retirement age? The answer is 'as hard as you can', but it's not helpful in an era where you only need one Democrat to stand with the GOP to make a toxic policy 'bipartisan' in the eyes of the Village.

    The GOP sucks. We all agree.

    So why is it that so many Democrats don't seem to want to see what is staring them right in the face?

    We also have to find a way to take on our own party as well when they are a big part of the problem.

    2006 to 2010 was entirely the reasonable centrist appease and negotiate with policy terrorists at every turn at all costs era.

    We can't afford anymore Democratic Majorities in Joe Lieberman's image before the GOP benefits from the Democratic Parties institutional impotence to truly roll back Movement Conservatism's toxicity and utterly destroys the American middle class and unbalances the nation.

    The Democratic Party needs to make a huge tactical shift away from 2006 to 2010 thinking and towards recognizing just how big a fail treating the GOP like they are acting in good faith and are interested in good governance... or we will be trapped in a wash, rinse, repeat cycle with the Movement Conservative Right.

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