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View Diary: Why I'm not freaking out about the Fukushima nuclear plants (126 comments)

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    mostly explaining your own fascination with all  things nuclear.  Bully for you.  But . . .

    There is no runaway criticality in any of the reactors.

    While this true so far as I know, the continued ability to prevent criticality seems to be evaporating as fast as the water.

    The core materials are very likely to remain contained.

    You offer no basis for this.  Most of what I have read suggests the exact opposite.  Until they can reestablish reliable cooling, rather than emergency pumping of  seawater, they will have more damage to the fuel rods, more hydrogen explosions, and more damage to the containment structures - all of which, in turn, make it more difficult to provide the necessary cooling.  How exactly are they going to stop that spiral?

    But part of the problem -- that the spent fuel rods are now exposed to the environment -- is actually quite helpful in this case.

    Really?  The fires in the #4 pool suggest otherwise.  They radioactivity inside #4 is so high, the workers can't get to the pools.  They are considering trying to airlift water and pour it through a hole in the building wall.  I don't see how that's helpful.  

    As to the safety of other reactor designs, I think you miss the point.  The scary part of nuclear energy is NOT the radioactive fuel, whether spent or not, the scary part is the human element.  We have consistently proven that we are incapable of putting the common good above our individual needs for profit and glory.  We have repeatedly proven that no matter how much better we make something, we will continue to cut corners to shave costs.  We will continue to lie about safety to protect jobs.  Our arrogance prevents an honest assessment of risk, and we will continue to put the habitability of the entire planet at risk in exchange for electricity.  Whether we destroy ourselves with radioactive contamination or global warming seems rather beside the point.  

    "Rules must be binding. Violations must be punished. Words must mean something." President Obama in Prague on April 5

    by jlynne on Tue Mar 15, 2011 at 07:26:28 PM PDT

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