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  •  EFM law tip of spear 2 enforce draconian budget (7+ / 0-)

    It is becoming abundantly clear that this law is intended to be the tip of the spear to shield the true bulldozer at work, the new two year budget.

    The two year budget is a truly draconian instrument, that will sharply shift the wealth of the state to a very small minority at the expense of the overwhelming majority.  This is the end game of the conservatives, vacuum up economics which enshrines a very small minority with overwhleming power through control of overwhelming wealth.  85% of business will be encouraged if not all together bought off, into supporting the government, switch allegiance and face tax increases.  

    This legislation will be, without a doubt, used as a weapon against the citizens of Michigan.  The EFM will be the enforcement mechanism used to clamp down on objections to the draconian budget.  The law gives the governor great leverage and leeway to make sweeping changes in any city, town or county in the state of Michigan.  
    The largest employer in a small town can simply threaten not to pay it's property taxes until the town or city yields to it's demands.  And if the town does not yield, the town can quickly be thrown into crisis.

    The law provides no protections or provisions for the welfare of the citizens, no guarantees to promote efficiencies amongst nieghboring communities.  The law does not even cap the salary of an appointed EFM.  
    The changes to the EFM law would also embolden any minority of a town council to intimidate the majority will of a community simply because they object to the allocation of funds.  This law has vast and unpredictable consequences, many of which will be quickly found to be very detrimental to the majority of Michiganders.

    The EFM will be the weapon used to defend the vacuum up two year budget meant to dissolve the disposable income of the average person while insulating the wealthiest citizens and supporters of the power structure.

    The law can be very vanilla at times but other times it yield great power and influence, and not for the good of the people.  Witness the sharp and divisive new changes to the emergency financial manager legislation.  

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