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View Diary: CNN poll: Tea party Republicans want shutdown; everybody else doesn't (80 comments)

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  •  These are the bush voters (12+ / 0-)

    they voted for bush, and think Obama is a bad president. They are idiots. They believe a fat drug addict millionaire on the radio. They think the president is from Kenya. They are ok with debt and deficit when the white guy in charge drags them into illegal wars but they hate the black guy in charge who is actually reducing the deficit. They are liars, they lie to themselves every time they watch fox news. They refuse to face any reality about how an economy actually work. They think they are intelligent because they listen to right  wing talk radio instead of country music  in the car. they become angry and confused when their right wing talking points are questioned. They are the people who think that pro wrestling is real. They think James Okeefe is a journalist. They think fox news is fair and balanced. They think that joining a group run by former GOP congressmen makes them political outsiders. They went from from "freedom isn't free" to " taxed enough already" they are the tea party. They represent about 20% of the people and get about 80 % of the news coverage. And they want to shut down America, not because they hate our country, but because they would rather be ignorant and hateful than proven wrong

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