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View Diary: Red states show exactly who is going to 'sacrifice' and who is going to 'share' (72 comments)

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    SC may not be as Republican as thought. Here's info from the chair of my county's Democratic party:

    Data provide by the State Election Commission demonstrates that in the last 3 election cycles more South Carolina citizens cast straight party votes for Democrats than Republicans. There is over a 100,000 vote difference with straight party support for Democrats dominating each individual cycle.
    > *2010 ElectIon:
    > DemocratIc - 326,710 , 52% total vote
    > Republican. - 321,248 , 47%.   "     "

    > *2008 Election:
    > Democratic - 506,702 , 59% total vote
    > Republican -  434,957 , 42%.  "      "

    > *2006 Election:
    > Democratic - 255,078 , 52%. total vote
    > Republican -  220,489 , 37%.   "      "

      *Source : Moving South Carolina Forward! 2010 Election Recap, South Carolina Democratic Party ( page 20)

    The chair goes on to say that the problem we face is getting the independent bloc on board--to persuade them that "our Democratic priorities best represent their values and the kind of society in which they want their children to live."

    He  goes on to giddily optimistic heights: "...there is every reason to believe we will experience a Democratic renaissance in South Carolina's future. These problems with image and misinformation can clearly be corrected."

    Let us hope.

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    by Miniaussiefan on Wed Mar 16, 2011 at 05:41:06 PM PDT

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