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  •  They crumbled in the end and applauded it (0+ / 0-)

    ...still as a person who was probably the first person in my city to subscribe to MS Magazine in its infancy, I can tell you traditional "women's work" was denigraded from the beginning by bourgeois upper class white women ~ and to be honest I bought it for awhile.  

    They saw paid work as "the" way and that "women's work" (done since the beginning of human existence) the work of care giving, weaving communities, the gatherer of resources, any "unpaid work" was "doing nothing" and "not as important" ~ just as written by Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation  into the "Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunities Act" (Welfare DEFormed), which in essence says the only meaningful work you can do for communities is paid work.  Basically that women's traditional work is "doing nothing" and that this paid work no matter how much harder it made for you and your children is "better" than caring for them. That making rich men richer was "doing something", care of your kids, parents, spouse (the three choices most women have to make in their paid work life that costs them on the average of $270,000 in a work life, according to labor statistics) .  

    I usually ask these dolts who think care giving is doing nothing if they thought it was "better" if our government had to build and maintain institutions to replace this work and that it would cost trillions.  This is care for our country's future (children who will pay OUR SS, run our country, and take care of us when we are too old to do it anymore) and care for those who built what we have (elders).

    Yet (mostly) women doing this work are not able to collect SS or get any support or respect while doing it (unless the person they care for can afford this support), and IF they worked for a wage, will collect far less retirement and SS and are the most likely to be in poverty at the end of their lives, that is in most part BECAUSE of this care giving.

    NOW and feminists (mostly white upper class women) applauded these "reforms".  Because they denigrated women's traditional work and actually began the disdain for this work with their call to put women in paid work and refusing to give support to those who did unpaid work ~ the very step stones of Welfare DEFormed.

    Take it from an old feminist now humanist, I SAW it and lived it.  I am not one who sat on my ass.  Besides being a low paid worker, I was in those meetings and often left them in tears and frustrated trying to get across to them that in spite of their little worlds that they saw as THE world, all women do not live middle and upper income lives who they were condemning to the salt mines of poverty by demanding women only work a corporate job.  

    Just sayin' ...

    Cat in Seattle

    First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they hurt you, then you win ~ Mahatma Gandhi

    by mntleo2 on Sat May 28, 2011 at 11:27:22 AM PDT

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