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    "tribal distinctions" have been and still (unfortunately) continue to be an inherent part of human existence everywhere, India has been a grand melting pot with a strong cultural identity and presence spanning over 3000 years.

    I take particular exception to the "dark Dravidian" term you have used from many an angle, but I'll keep my response brief.

    The term "Dravidian" was coined by a proselytizing minister called Robert Caldwell in the 1800s to facilitate his conversion agenda. Unfortunately, the seeds of division he thus sowed has led to a lot of destruction in South India and Sri Lanka since then.

    Technically, based on extensive genetic studies that were recently conducted, apparently, the main branch of ethnicity in India is a mixture (mixing having taken place over a 40K year period) of two strains called Ancestral North Indian (ANI) and Ancestral South Indian (ASI). While one can try to think of ASI as being roughly equivalent to "Davidian," because of the mixing that took place, the distinction can't be so easily drawn. And, there are plenty of dark people in North India and plenty of fair-skinned people in South India today.

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