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View Diary: Hunting Galileo: The Right's War on Science (125 comments)

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    Public funding of research is an essential part of research integrity.  We've seen many times that when private companies fund research, researchers tend to shape their research to please the companies (so that funding will continue).  An obvious example is the studies funded by the tobacco industry "proving" there is no link between smoking and lung cancer.  

    The same companies that are pushing for the research they have funded to be considered credible are funding the Republicans who are limiting public funding of research.  The goal is that the only funding for research will be those same corporations.  So we won't have independent studies of the effects of toxic dumping in our water supply, we'll have "studies" funded by the dumpers indicating that the water's perfectly fine to drink.

    I support public employee's unions.

    by Tracker on Thu Mar 17, 2011 at 11:20:43 AM PDT

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