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View Diary: You're gonna defund NPR? Fine- We'll defund Faux News!- UPDATED (109 comments)

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    Not only are there obvious first amendment issues, it also hamstrings recipients of federal funding and would make an already-obsolete system even less attractive.

    •  Nobody has to pay you for your "free speech." (0+ / 0-)

      You're wrong about the First Amendment. The First Amendment protects your right to lie (except in very limited circumstances, and I fully support the extremely limited enforceability of laws on slander/libel, because I care about free speech--whether or not it is convenient), but it does NOT obligate anyone to pay you to do so, and that includes advertising dollars. I recommend that you do a little research on the First Amendment, how it has been interpreted by the courts, what the controversies are that genuinely bear on First Amendment issues, and what laws along those lines are already on the books, not to mention which party was behind said laws.  

      By the way, here's another one that is consistently lost on righties: your First Amendment right to peddle your BS does not negate my First Amendment right to say "my goodness, that's a huge, steaming pile of BS you have there" either. People who think you're wrong have free speech too. I mention this because I'm sick and tired of whiny righties crying "censor" every time anyone criticizes them, fires them, boycotts advertisers, or otherwise expresses a negative opinion of whatever they're spewing.

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