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    chicagobama, DWG

    And thanks for posting this diary. I'm on my own quest to lose 30 pounds  (would love for it to be 35, but 30 gets me to healthy territory). I've already lost 6 of those, so I guess I get to say I'm down to needing to lose 24.

    Was telling my mother last night that I feel like all I think about anymore is food and exercise. But you're so right - you have to plan and log your food and figure out how to put things together.

    My biggest lesson learned so far is to listen to my body. I was pushing too hard with exercise and wasn't eating enough. I kept telling myself of course I'm not supposed to eat that much, but I really wasn't eating enough for the level of exercise I was working toward. Or I was doing too much by way of exercise. You can't do everything at once, and it does take time.

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      to eat ENOUGH of high quality foods, particularly if you're exercising hard!!!  If you go too low with the calories, your body can go into starvation mode and hold onto the weight/jack with metabolism.

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