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  •  This is true.. (5+ / 0-)

    A lot of us are really in a "reactive" mode these days....

    •  Reactive, or "War".... (5+ / 0-)

      And when in a state of war there is only friend or foe.  There is no place for a thoughtful analysis of the conditions that have led to the conflict.  We all have virtual uniforms, in the case of blogs they are phrases, frames, or slogans that have to be clearly posted.

      I understand the dynamics, but it gets tiresome.  I happen to have some understanding of, God help me, the conservative perspective.  It actually allows me to give scathing arguments against many of their excesses because my interlocutor realizes that I know more about their ideology than they do.

      But, I dare not ever go into these things here.  I understand this, but I had been able to stretch conversations on some areas.  I was one of the strongest opponents of H.C.R. on this site, writing dozens of diaries.  In the process I probably did more research, have a greater understanding as this evolves than most, including policy makers.

      Many states are considering cutting Medicaid to save money.  I swear, the clause that mandates that medicare payments to primary physician must be raised to the level of Medicare, seems not to known by such policy makers.

      I double checked,when this was challenged.  And yes, itis in the law, but don't make me look it up again.

      Point: we lose much when it is forbidden to understand and discuss the philosophy of the "enemy."  

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