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View Diary: House to debate 'emergency' bill... to defund NPR (101 comments)

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  •  Their behavior over the past five years (1+ / 0-)
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    bay of arizona

    or so has been craven.  Simply craven.  Really since the Bush years.  Transparently trying to save themselves from exactly what is happening today.  They've compromised their integrity to prevent what was never going to be stopped anyway.  

    As the saying goes, 'truth has a liberal bias'.  So unless they were prepared to completely abandon the truth, something that they have been walking right up to recently, they were never going to satisfy these people anyway.  

    Instead, they have sold their integrity.  In the guise of 'even handedness'  When in reality, they have been slanting the stories by omission as not to offend the right.  Mush.  

    There are too many worthy things being destroyed by these people now to give a shit about an establishment mouthpiece like this milquetoast radio conglomerate.

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