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View Diary: I'm Just Disgusted by This Person (Updated x2: Passidomo Responds) (160 comments)

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  •  I can't get how you translate (4+ / 0-)
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    sethtriggs, JayBat, FarWestGirl, caul

    your source into your representation of the source.

    The meat of the Chronicle's story is here:

    The assaults happened Nov. 28 after a 19-year-old with prior drug convictions persuaded the young girl to leave her house and go "riding around" with him and two other young men, according to a Cleveland police officer's sworn statement.

    They first went to the blue house, where she was ordered to disrobe. If she refused, the statement said, she was warned other girls would beat her up and she would never get a ride back home.

    Soon she was having sex with multiple young men there, the statement said. Someone used a phone to invite four more men, who soon arrived.

    The assaults happened on Nov. 28. One day. On threat of violence, the victim was forced to have sex with multiple men. There's no possible way to claim that isn't "gang rape".

    •  Different link (1+ / 0-)
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      Court records allege the girl was raped on at least three different occasions last year. Besides the Nov. 28 attack, indictments in the case say there also were attacks on Sept. 15 and Oct. 25. Each time, at least two individuals were involved in the attacks.


      Indictments in the case allege that before the Nov. 28 attack, the girl also was assaulted on Sept. 15 and Oct. 25. Each of those times, at least two individuals were involved.

      BTW - Houston Chronicle seems to consistently have the most frequent and in depth coverage on the story.

      •  The Nov 28 attack, though (4+ / 0-)
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        NancyK, BlackSheep1, kareylou, caul

        quite clearly meets anybody's definition of gang rape. We can surely agree that the victim deserves support and sympathy, not blame.

        What's more, it's not directly relevant to the purpose of the diary whether the description of the incident that Passidomo herself gave in the quote where she blamed the victim was strictly accurate in every respect. The diary was about Passidomo's response, not about the attack itself. Clearly, the sentiment that Passidomo expressed was that an 11-year victim of a gang rape can be blamed for the attack because of what she was wearing. The walkback reiterated her belief that attire can be blamed for rape.

        •  No argument (1+ / 0-)
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          No argument that the victim should not be blamed
          No argument that Passidomo's remarks (and subsequent apology) are both ignorant and reprehensible.

          What I can't figure out is why there seems to be some possible argument that the details of the case are not useful information to have so that we don't flaunt misinformation or erroneous stereotypes while expressing our legitimate outrage.

          •  You probably didn't intend it (2+ / 0-)
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            Catte Nappe, NancyK

            but my initial reaction to your comment at the root of this subthread was that you seemed to be denying there was a gang rape, when clearly there was.

            If you were merely pointing out that the court filings do not imply that all 18 boys and men arrested forced themselves upon the victim in the course of the same attack, then you're right. In fact given the victim was a minor and video was clearly distributed, there's clearly charges that are appropriate against anyone who wasn't physically present at the attack, but passed around the video afterwards.

            •  Yes (1+ / 0-)
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              merely pointing out that the court filings do not imply that all 18 boys and men arrested forced themselves upon the victim in the course of the same attack,

              I was probably also reacting to comments in the number of other diaries on the incident that came out after the NYT story. Assumptions and stereotypes were busting out all over.

              Some concluded that privileged white guys from the good side of town had assaulted a poor black girl (Many of the perps are AA, the victim is apparently Latina, and most of the town is poor). The towns folk were probably sterotyping the child of a poor single parent mom living in a trailer park (the admittedly poor intact working family lives in a house). Etc.

              I like us to be fact based, because I'm a great believer that "facts have a liberal bias".

    •  "having sex with"? (3+ / 0-)
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      BlackSheep1, FarWestGirl, caul

      Fuck you Chronicle.   Try "being raped by."  Chuck in a damn "allegedly" or two if it makes the lawyers happy.

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