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  •  It is a race to 270 (4+ / 0-)
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    There are states that have gone Republican or Democratic every election for the past 5 elections.

    These states are considered reliable wins by nearly every professional political analyst.

    For Democrats the total of electoral votes gained by winning the reliable states is 242.

    Your question is a good one in that Ohio's 18 EVs add to the total and make finding the next 10 much easier.

    But, heres where the real prize awaits the Democrats.

    It is easier to argue that Florida is the most critical area.
    There are 29 electoral votes there.

    Win the traditional Dem states and have 242 EVs, add Florida's 29 EVs and you are at 271 and the result is a Democratic President.

    The White House needs to look where the victory in Florida can be achieved.

    Look no further than three counties in South Florida.
    As a state Florida has slightly under 600,000 more Democrats than Republicans.
    Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties have more than 604,000 Dems than Republicans.

    That means over 100% of Florida's statewide Democratic advantage is in one concentrated area. Broward County alone has over 302000 more Democrats that Republicans.

    In 2010 Dems in Florida just stayed home, that cannot happen in 2012.

    In 2008 these counties went for Obama by over 525000 votes, a whopping margin that resulted in an over 200000 vote victory in Florida.

    The rest of the 64 Florida counties provided a deficit of 292000 votes for Obama and their efforts are vital to the cause of electing a Democratic President.

    In 2012 Florida must perform at least as well in the other 64 but the most critical area of Florida is Southeast Florida.

    Democrats must invest in these counties GOTV efforts.
    There is serious work to be done, and there are over 2000 precincts to be worked.This task requires the skills of dedicated precinct workers, volunteers, and professional organizers to ensure the margin of a minimum of 525000 votes is produced.

    Without the numbers meeting or exceeding 2008 Tri-County margins Florida is in Jeopardy.

    With them, it's a second Inauguration of President Barack Obama.

    If you understand the term battleground state, you know Florida has been one for a very long time.

    We need your campaign money here in South Florida.

    Verifying these figures is easy via the SOE's offices of each county or via the State of Florida website.

    Check it out and you can determine for yourself the Democrats must focus on South Florida for the win.

    "A functioning Democracy must defy economic interests of the elites on behalf of citizens" Christopher Hedges Econ 3.50&Soc. 5.79

    by wmc418 on Fri Mar 18, 2011 at 07:05:26 AM PDT

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