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    hanswall, CMYK

    And therein lies the primary reason for offshoring amongst U.S. companies today.  Capital flees to places where the conditions of the "guilded age" can be recreated - because that generates the most profit for capital.  It is not only "cheap labor."  It is the lack of regulation (such as child labor laws, environmental laws, worker protection laws, due process, etc.) that enables supremecy of the interests of capital over basic human rights and needs in those countries where the work is going.

    Seriously, are we really doing anyone overseas any favors even if we greatly increase their personal income, where the consequence is that the people work 70 hours a week, work in firetraps, and live in a toxic soup of carcinogens?

    It is really not about "free trade" and the ascendency of workers abroad, as much as the apologists for big business want to make it about those things.  It is about returning big business to the conditions that existed in the good old 1890's here in the U.S.  So that those at the top of the pyramid not just do well, but become rich beyond the dreams of avarice.  

    So, we not only need to keep the lessons of Triangle and like tragedies alive here in the U.S., but we also need to stop rewarding big business for exploiting "free trade" to recreate the conditions overseas that we don't want for ourselves.

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