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View Diary: Aeron. order (AO) 87 - The press won't show it [FOIA] . (118 comments)

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  •  What... (4.00)
    What the hell is going on??? If everyone here seem unsurprised at the existence of these papers, what was the CBS brouhaha all about? Why would anyone need to fake the papers, or run a breaking news story with false papers if everyone knew the real documents were available?

    I'm with Febble. WTF???

    •  Yes, you get it. (none)
      if everyone knew the real documents were available?

      Exactly.  The real docs weren't out there.  They were there – but only for sleuths who knew to find them. Not where the average voter or journalist would come across them.

      Faking the papers to cbs sowed confusion – and nudged the papers that were sitting on offshoot sites on the web even further from view or general belief or acceptance.

    •  The purpose of the forgeries (none)
      was to (1) discredit the source and intimidate any journalists from poking into the story and (2) create the perception that the Bush aWol story was bogus because some of the docs were bogus.

      The way you know that Rove was behind the forgeries is because NO REPUBLICANS EVER ASK TO INVESTIGATE THE FORGERIES.  You will NEVER hear anyone, from Fox News to Powerline, demand to find out just who it was that came up with those phony documents. Because they know who they helped (Bush) and who was likely behind them (Rove).  Likely what they did was take a real document, destory it, and type the same thing up on Word.  That way it would pass the smell test with people familiar with TANG docs but still get smoked out as a forgery.

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