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View Diary: Aeron. order (AO) 87 - The press won't show it [FOIA] . (118 comments)

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  •  Joan reports is covering ground Lukasiak (none)
    already covered, and quite thoroughly.
    I don't mind the subject being reopened, but she should really read Lukasiak  and credit him for having all of this information out there long before the election. The problem is that NOBODY CAQRED!
    You could have a picture of Bush fucking a monkey and NO REPUBLICAN WOULD CARE.
    They are members of a cult, not rational human beings.
    •  oh, he's here (4.00)
      no need for my comments... oh well.
      I want to repeat something i've been saying in diaries for days now, and it's apropos here as well: Stop aiming for Bush, and go after Rove, directly. Bush has magic powers which cannot be overcome by mere Democrats; Rove, on the other hand is a thoroughly unlikely and repulsive pug.
      Rove is the man behind the curtain because the light doesn't agree with him.

      Specifically, I think one should investigate how Rove is profiting personally from Bush's policies. Do you really think that such an unethical slime isn't dipping in for whatever he can get? Of course not. The only problem is that the press is too scared to cover Rove.
      That has got to stop.


      •  new executive position of rove's (none)
        should yield some new info thru FOIA?
          •  Rove should have "solemnly sworn... (none)
            (and had notarized) to the best of his knowledge and belief that the foregoing information is true and correct" on a 'Financial Disclosure and Conflict of Interest Report' (that's what they're called in Texas... so, I'm sure he's seen it; surely executive branch has similiar form or one even more extensive).

            It would reveal info on:  Rove; his spouse; his and her dependent children.
            Info such as:
            -employment or received compensation (or other monetary benefit) from any business entity (other than executive branch) during the last calendar year;
            -whether they served as an officer or as a member of the governing board in the capacity of a director, advisory director or trustee in a corporation (both for-profit and not-for-profit);
            -partnerships, limited partnerships, proprietorships, or other unincorporated business entity for which either he, his spouse, or dependent child is a partner, joint venturer, or owner;
            - gifts received over $250 to Rove, his spouse, their dependent children including gifts from their parents to them or from their parents to their dependent children.
            -Rove or spouse's: ownership of 5% or more interest, whether voting or nonvoting; entitlement to 5% or more of the profits, proceeds, or capital gains; receiving 5% or more of their total income.

            If any of the entities above have any business relationship,to the best of his knowledge, to the (United States of America).

            This report has to be filled out every calendar year for the proceeding calendar year.
            Passive income such as c/d's stock dividends, or rental property not included.

            Would be interesting to see what Rove has put down on such a form, since he will be executing contracts on our behalf and will be 'exercising discretion with regards to the awarding of contracts or other financial transactions.'

            A FOIA request would be most illuminating.

    •  I credit in my diary and comments (none)
      first —> Marty Heldt and his 'coldfeet' site because his reporting in mid-2000 was what I always worked off of.   [By the way, coldfeet is the name of Heldt's farm, it's not a value judgment he's imposing on the pilot. Not a label.]

      See my re-emphasis of this also in the comment

      Also my reply to   about Lukasiak's site

      My perspective is different, as my reply makes clear.
      And no, I'm not first with this.

      I'm not looking for credit. This stuff just needs space and attention. It may not go far, but this is my contribution.

      •  well, if you can get people outside of kos (none)
        to pay attention, more power to you
      •  I wasn't dogging you. Really. (none)
        I'm all for educating people, like you are trying to do.  Anyway, it was a fair bet on my part that you may not have known about Paul Lukasiak's work.

        Keep up the good work, and you never know--you might find the piece that brings it all together.

        "Michael Savage is the concience (sic) of the conservative movement"--Free Republic Poster

        by soonergrunt on Mon Feb 28, 2005 at 08:50:38 PM PST

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        •  The missing piece (none)
          is the provenance of the fakes.  Isn't it?

          If the fakes are fake, and the AWOL is true, someone made the fakes as a decoy.

          That's the story your MSM seem to be ignoring.

          Why are they complicit in their own subversion?

          •  And there's no better way (none)
                to help people realize these were a decoy and planted to self-destruct than to let them find the authentic docs (that were hiding out in the open and ignored).

            I myself do not have resouces or special info to find the person in Rove's network who does these kinds of things.

            The New York Post (circulation 686,000) on Sept. 21 speculated about Roger Stone. "Reached at his Florida home, Stone had no comment."  Then RegenerationMan dug into possible scenarios. He does not have incontrovertible evidence of course, only a history of the subject's well documented deceptions.

            These were decoy documents.   Febble, I like that phrase. Thanks.

            •  Killian's secretary (none)
              If memory serves, she had commented during the whole fake documents thing that even though the documents were fakes, since she did all of Killian's typing from his handwritten notes, and the documents didn't match the official formatting of the time, that the content did, in fact, match documents that she remembered typing for him during that timeframe.
              Is she still alive?
              Is she willing to talk, and swear to this in a deposition?

              "Michael Savage is the concience (sic) of the conservative movement"--Free Republic Poster

              by soonergrunt on Tue Mar 01, 2005 at 06:26:53 AM PST

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              •  Nobody (none)
                but me and you seemed to hear that.  They won't listen to her.  

                I've got a freeper emailing me right now.  He harvested my email addy from my information here.  All he cares about is Kerry and his records and he can't seem to see anything wrong with Bu$h's records.  I keep asking him how Kerry is even relevent in the conversation because he is NOT the POTUS however, Bu$h is the POTUS.

                The Christian Right is neither Witness Every Day

                by TXsharon on Tue Mar 01, 2005 at 06:46:31 AM PST

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                •  Wow, Sharon. (none)
                  Who is your freeper ? !

                  He wants to divert this, too.
                  (familiar M.O.)  

                  •  He is a heavy drinker (none)
                    of the koolaide.  I have a whole bunch of emails from him.  It's just interesting to see they way they think.  In case you've never heard this:  All Muslims are trying to convert or kill us.

                    The Christian Right is neither Witness Every Day

                    by TXsharon on Tue Mar 01, 2005 at 07:42:58 AM PST

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