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View Diary: Aeron. order (AO) 87 - The press won't show it [FOIA] . (118 comments)

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    He did cut and paste, but only to put letters from different documents side by side for comparison. That way he could tell if they were made by the same typewriter.
    He did find similarties of "wear" marks in some of the individual letters, but because the photocopies were several generations (copied over and over) old, he could never make a statement one way or the other.
    The Feepers nailed him on some word he cut and pasted to compare markings. From what I remember, it was an innocent attempt to prove a technical point, but the Freepers jumped all over it. The professor appoligized for not being clearer in his original wording, but by that time the Freepers had already attacked his credibility and had deluged the University's president with threatening emails.
    The funny thing was I didn't think too much of the report at the time - interesting lead and good analysis, but not really any solid evidence of anything. Then I watched the Freepers take him down.
    The LAST thing Freepers wanted was to be proven wrong after they felt they "won" by getting Rather  "retired."

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    by BuckMulligan on Mon Feb 28, 2005 at 05:46:08 PM PST

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