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View Diary: Aeron. order (AO) 87 - The press won't show it [FOIA] . (118 comments)

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  •  maryscott (none)
    i do not think this issue will ever go away, in the least.  I just think that after all the time and effort spent on trying to get this issue to the forfront of papers and peoples minds and attention, it willnot go any furhter for fear of becomeing yet another fatality of this administration.  it has been tried before with no consequence.  I above all would love it to see this become the issue that might break w into a zillion little pieces; however, as i see it this will nver come to pass again for what has happened to cbs.  the press is simply tooooo damn scared of their shadow to go futher into this scandel.  sorry, am just trying to be realistic.  trying to pick their fight and set priorities.  as a veteran, i am personally ashamed of this pResident of our WH that is irks me on a daily basis to see how he and his hinchmen twists our military into knots and gets by with this distruction.  i am seriousl worried as to the future of the military when it treats it the way they do.  i definately think this man was so much a coward in his tang days that no one could ever know the discusted feeling we vets get.  i remember way back when some vets i think out of alabama or georga were offering a reward to anyone to prove w served in bama.  god only knows he really did not serve like anyone else did when he was in tang.  i think, maryscott, you took me wrong on what i was saying.  that is ok tho, i do understand more than you know.  i just do not think this issue will get any more reporting than it already has.  the press is just way too scared of this administration.  i am sorry about this too. just like everything else, they will nto report anything negative on this administration for fear is their nomenclature nowadays.

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