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View Diary: Michigan public employees already hurt emergency manager law (41 comments)

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  •  Roll over Rover!! Sit, Beg! (0+ / 0-)

    This is pathetic.  

    I understand that the stakes are high - but for Flint Firefighters Union President Raul Garcia  just roll over and concede health benefits, overtime, and anything just to capitulate to the threat of Phynancial Martial Law is pathetic.  Where is the solidarity?  Hey, Garcia -  How about a STRIKE to defend your members rights???

    And to the local police who voted to dissolve their union last week - rather than resist the goons?   Get a backbone and fight for your rights!

    At least the teachers are smart enough to be considering "job action".

    To all of these unions that roll over and concede - GET READY TO BEG.

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