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View Diary: What do I MAKE? I'm a teacher and I make a goddamn difference. Now what about you??? (292 comments)

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  •  Now how do we teach all the teachers (0+ / 0-)

    that they need to become more politically aware?  How do we teach the teachers that the GOP is never going to support them or quality public education?

    In all the years my kids were in school, only about 2% were politically involved in supporting Dem candidates for public office.  But at least 60% of them were conservatives who supported the GOP, even to the point of pushing the conservative agenda in the classroom.  The rest didn't give a hoot.

    While I feel sorry for them, at some level I resent having to work my ass off and spend so much of my hard earned money in past years to try to elect legislators who protect our schools and the teacher's paychecks.  

    What does the future hold for public school teachers & their unions (or professional associations)?  Are they going to focus more time and effort on educating their members to vote in their own best interest?    How much longer do rank and file Dems have to work on their behalf when they're not?

    •  Our of curiosity, where'd you get your (1+ / 0-)
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      numbers? I ask because even here in ultra-red Georgia, it's my experience that a whole lot more teachers are Democrats than you see in the rest of the population.

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