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  •  Well I can add something to Cold Turkey (6+ / 0-)

    The best time for ticket sales on a Broadway show is between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Years back (and still today) when a touring show was getting bad reviews the producers would delay loading the show into New York until ticket sales were almost guaranteed.

    The first preview for the real stinkers was usually a little before  Thanksgiving.  All the theater insiders knew a mid-November opening was doomed to close on January 2nd. So they called it a Turkey.

    And the original reason it was bad luck to whistle in a theater was because the show carpenter would signal flying scenery moves by whistling up to the fly floor. If someone had a whistle that sounded like the carpenter than a piece of scenery might come in at the wrong time and if an actor was under where the flat came in, it would be very bad luck.  

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