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View Diary: Gulf Watchers Sunday - Another Leaking Deepwater Rig in the Gulf? - BP Catastrophe AUV #489 (102 comments)

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  •  If America, if the world (10+ / 0-)

    suddenly lost access to half its energy supply we could adapt and get along with what was left, but folks (with the rare exception) will never choose to make do with less if they can avoid it.
    I'm afraid it will take stronger leadership than we may truly want to wean people from a dependence on massive quantities of energy, regardless of the source.
    I wonder if we could provide every bit of energy folks now use from clean renewable sources , they would still choose to burn oil and coal and build nuke plants just so they could leave the lights on all night and drive enormous cars.
    Beyond that, human overpopulation is highly correlated with the growth of energy supply.  Maybe bringing humankind back into balance with the planet will require the loss of energy resources.

    "I almost died for the international monetary system; what the hell is that?" ~ The In-laws

    by Andhakari on Sun Mar 20, 2011 at 09:39:35 AM PDT

    •  I have always maintained that Denmark (13+ / 0-)

      actually "got it" after the OPEC fiasco in the mid-70s. They let gasoline float to realistic levels in price, and began a serious commitment to renewables and utilizing other forms of transportation.

      Their carbon footprint is very low, although they have been faulted for not including shipping in total carbon output totals, which would enlarge their footprint markedly, but still make it lower than almost any industrial nation. And their quality of life has apparently not diminished.

      And they have oil...

      (-7.62/-7.90) .....It was their destruction. They delved too greedily and too deep... Gimli in Moria, JRR Tolkien

      by Lorinda Pike on Sun Mar 20, 2011 at 10:10:36 AM PDT

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    •  Overpopulation! Got any ideas? (9+ / 0-)

      How to solve that problem?  It seems the like the elephant in the room to me.  Hardly anyone will talk about strategies to curb population growth.  

      It's all future technologies and efficiencies that will allow us support any number of people, even with the limited resources of the earth.  If we don't decide to do something about the elephant, we'll probably get crushed.

      I hope not.  But I don't hear enough talk about facing the real problem behind limited energy supplies.  Not to mention pollution.  Oops!  I guess I just did.

      Cheers Andhakari

      •  Agree with both of you. (9+ / 0-)

        But we would be tarred and feathered and burned at the stake for even advocating population control.

        6.91 billion now. More than 10 billion projected by 2050.
        The earth can't support 7 billion, much less ten...

        (-7.62/-7.90) .....It was their destruction. They delved too greedily and too deep... Gimli in Moria, JRR Tolkien

        by Lorinda Pike on Sun Mar 20, 2011 at 10:36:06 AM PDT

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      •  Don't worry (4+ / 0-)

        there IS a plan in motion for overpopulation. I would talk about it but would get banned for CT. But do a google search and see what comes up.

        Obama,how many innocent people did you kill today with your drones for the corporations?

        by snoopydawg on Sun Mar 20, 2011 at 10:49:52 AM PDT

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      •  We have to begin by refusing to accept (6+ / 0-)

        an anti-birthcontrol dogma as anything other than planet-cide.  Universal access to inexpensive reliable birth-control in tandem with demands for women's rights would have a big impact.
        Even so, I think we'll see a collapse of what passes for civilization before we reverse population trends.  People are inherently selfish, and there are literally billions of people expecting their plentiful, fruitful children and grandchildren to take care of them as they age.
        It's horrible to say, but sometimes I wish for an early collapse of civilization so that human populations will decline fast enough and soon enough to leave something of the planet for whatever follows - something beside cockroaches, rats and garbage piles -- and nuclear waste.

        "I almost died for the international monetary system; what the hell is that?" ~ The In-laws

        by Andhakari on Sun Mar 20, 2011 at 11:02:19 AM PDT

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        •  Give women control over their bodies (9+ / 0-)

          and population will decline.

          Affordable access to comprehensive modern family planning + educational and economic opportunities for girls and women = dramatically lower birth rates.

          •  I think you're right mama medusa (6+ / 0-)

            Self determination and real freedom is probably key to convincing humanity that it's in our own best interest to procreate reasonably.

            But our world is starkly divided between rich/poor; powerful/powerless; Men(in some places)/Women.  

            I do think we're moving away from that though.  The europeans seem to have the best handle on it.  The kids I know through my high-school aged children are much more open minded about diversity than my generation was

            •  The vast majority of women in the world (4+ / 0-)

              aren't interested in spending all their years between 15 and 45 pregnant.  It's fucking uncomfortable.  Becoming unpregnant, markedly so.

              I had so many women tell me when I was getting married, "Stop at two," you'd think it was part of Western marital ceremonies. Something old/something new/something borrowed/stop at two.  They were right.  I'm the poster child for zero population growth in the Western world-- good birth control options and a supportive partner and two kids, four years apart, timed to within three months of when we wanted them.

              Some of that was flat-out luck, but it's the kind of luck you can make more likely by making higher education and paid work available to young women.  Even if my husband were the kind of person who'd be inclined to want me to have more kids, the fact that I earn a pretty good paycheck makes it economically stupid for him to want me doing without paid labor.

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