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    But they don't prove that the US is "leading the charge."  At best they prove that the US is spending a lot of money and working in a quasi-autonomous fashion.  Your quote doesn't compare money spent by the US to the amount spent by France, nor does it give any indication who provided the impetus for the military push.

    Libya is VERY CLOSE to southern Europe and Libya harbored the terrorists in the Airplane bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland. Europe cares a great deal about this.  Even if the US invests more manpower and materiel in this effort, it doesn't mean that we're "leading the charge"

    One man gathers what another man spills

    by John Chapman on Sun Mar 20, 2011 at 12:54:29 PM PDT

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      The blockquote doesn't prove what I said before,  certainly. I don't have the links as I type, but what you say in your first paragraph has become fairly obvious.  The U.S. is the only country sending in 112 Tomahawk missiles.  Each is extraordinarily expensive.  Overall, it's totally fair and reasonable to assume that the U.S. is spending more money than Britain or the U.K.

      If you trace the U.S. influence on the U.N. Security Council, and see who actually drafted the document, it's pretty clear that the U.S. (yes, with the strong backing of France and Britain) was instrumental to this military push.

      Regardless of whether you say the U.S. or "The Western Powers" are leading the charge, the fact remains that the President is ultimately accountable to the American people, who had absolutely no say via their representatives in this context.  The fact remains that the U.S. will bear a significant burden individually.  

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