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View Diary: TUs: Bag it. TAG it. Sell it to the butcher in the store. (19 comments)

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    I've commented on this as well; immediately after the DK3->DK4 switchover, Recommended tagging just dropped right off the face of the earth. On more than one occasion, half of the diaries on the Rec List were not tagged until I did so.

    After about two weeks, things got a lot better, to the point where I haven't had to add a Recommended tag in at least several days now.

    FWIW, having the Recommended tag added automatically by the system whenever a diary hits the Rec List is on the dev team's list of upcoming features for DK4, once a few more bugs and such are ironed out.

    "I play a street-wise pimp" — Al Gore

    by Ray Radlein on Sun Mar 20, 2011 at 10:45:24 AM PDT

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