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  •  This is all the same big issue in a way (1+ / 0-)
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    From what I understand they have set up a power hub at unit 2 from which to power the other 5 units.  There are many connections that need to be confirmed before power can flow, and various inspections and tests they need to perform before trying to bring pumps online.  The hub allows them to manage this while still sending power to the units that are ready for it.

    As I mention elsewhere, unit 3 has the most damage and the highest likelihood of equipment problems as a result.  But still, there are redundant copies of most safety related systems which are located in independent locations, the idea being that if one is damaged hopefully the other was not.  This is also part of why the lower areas of the reactor building are highly compartmentalized, to limit the damage if there was a problem in a given location.  

    The first piece of good news in this regard was the use of the fuel pool water delivery system at unit 2 after getting power restored.  Hopefully more news of pumps running and systems cooling will greet us tomorrow morning.  Also, there may be more that has happened in the past several hours as I've been responding to comments here.

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    by kbman on Sun Mar 20, 2011 at 10:07:37 PM PDT

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      So they did restore power to #2, and at least some of the pumps are working.  It was alarming that they announced they were working on it, hoped to have it Sat, but I saw nothing more about it

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