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    The issue isn't that you favor nuclear power, or even that (in my view) you are looking for every opportunity to minimize its horrendous risks and costs. This is America, and people will disagree.

    My issue with you is that you have played fast and loose with facts when responding to me, and at other times have outright evaded the question. I don't demand that anyone share my opinions, but I don't think anyone should play around with the facts, as you've done in our conversations.

    Conversational dynamics being what they are, you can appear "reasonable," but (among other things) I hope that someone will remember that, when asked about Cesium 137, you said that all we have to do is scrape off the top few inches of soil. If there's a Hall of Fame for Understated Elegance, that statement would surely qualify, right at the top of the list.

    In any case, it's always good to know just where people are coming from around here. I think we've clarified that.

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