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    Nobody has claimed anything about the hydrogen explosions that is not consistent with what happened.  It has been quite clearly stated for the past week that fuel was being damaged and producing hydrogen.  I don't know where you are getting these stories about pumps leaking hydrogen and other such nonsense.

    Remember the guy whose faulty math louisev posted here last night? He runs a denialist site that gets a lot of play among his fellow denialists worldwide. louisev got the guy's faulty math from a foreign site that had reposted the original.

    Anyway, this same guy, who by the way wants to sell portable nukes and who thinks the lesson of Fukushima is that nuclear power is overregulated, was one of the first to spread the "hydrogen leaking from a generator"" theory:

    Update: (March 12, 2011 11:20 am EST) There have been reports of a hydrogen explosion and walls crumbling to expose a steel frame at what is described as an outbuilding at the Fukushima Daiichi power station. Those reports triggered my memory of a hydrogen explosion that occurred at the Tampa Electric Company Gannon coal fired power plant on April 8, 1999.

    In the Gannon Station case, the hydrogen for the explosion came from the cooling system for the very large electrical generator. Maintenance workers apparently did not ensure that the system was properly purged before opening it for maintenance.

    My guess is that a similar generator cooling system was in use at Fukushima Daiichi. Considering the devastation that has occurred as a result of the earthquake and the tsunami, it would not be terribly surprising if the electrical generator cooling system developed some hydrogen leaks. From what I have read about the actions taken to cool down the nuclear fuel inside the reactor, which is inside a robust containment building, not a steel frame building, I am guessing that the explosion had nothing to do with the heat source that normally supplies the the steam to turn the turbines that turn that electrical generator.

    We also saw claims (including, I believe, from you) that the explosion in #4 was from oil and not hydrogen. And you've claimed that others were attributing the fires at #4 to spent fuel being on fire. When asked for proof, you supplied a Fox News interview with someone claiming to be a nuclear expert.

    You really, really need to pay more attention to the facts, kbman.

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