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View Diary: Japan, nuclear industry and risk communication: where is the TEPCO chief? (153 comments)

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  •  Meh (0+ / 0-)

    It is not a nuclear industry talking point: it is an open admission by more than on diarist I have talked with here.  If you like I can link you to one.

    As for your priorities, I will reiterate THERE IS NOTHING you can do about Tepco now. That is a Japanese show; they run it.

    There is something you can do about the people dying in Japan right now.

    And the focus of this site on the nuclear crisis has come at the expense of this community being made aware for the humanitarian crisis in Japan.

    •  Please, enough of the paternalism... (1+ / 0-)
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      Plubius, you've made it abundantly clear that you feel Daily Kos is not giving enough 'balance' to all aspects of the situation in Japan. Even if that were the case, you are wrong to assume that your fellow Kossacks aren't capable of working the internets and the googles just as expertly as you are to fully inform ourselves of all the myriad aspects of the trifecta crisis.

      Instead of trying to endlessly redirect the subject of a thread such as this one, why don't you write a diary on the issues you deem to be uppermost, i.e. the humanitarian crisis ensuing from the earthquake and tsunami. Or, have you written one already?

      •  I don't "feel" Daily Kos is not giving enough (0+ / 0-)


        It isn't.  That is the facts of the matter.

        As is also a fact that you should take the time to bother to check a poster's history before exhibiting your own histrionics.  

        And I am not talking about a genus of ducks....

        •  If they were not (1+ / 0-)
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          giving a balanced picture here, I'd be a nervous wreck. Trust me.  Thank goodness for folks on both sides of the issue for sharing their knowledge and informed opinions.

          “The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway” ~ Henry Boye~

          by Terranova0 on Mon Mar 21, 2011 at 04:17:57 PM PDT

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        •  Oh, I've heard more than enough from (0+ / 0-)

          you for one day, Plubius. So, I won't be perusing your "poster history" anytime soon.

          You accuse others of "histrionics", but you've proven yourself to be quite the master of "histrionics" right here in the limited space of this thread.

          You attack the author of this post with accusations of:

          [making] a demonstrably false statement...[engaging] in unsubstantiated speculation...manufacturing Japanese concerns ...

          You have said this about the DK community as a whole:

          I suppose my main criticism of what I've seen here the past week is it is precisely not empathy...Kossacks don't know about these things [the humanitarian crisis]. Because they have been breathlessly posting and reposting speculations and rumors about what is going on at Fukushima.

          I hope this isn't an indication of how you usually comport yourself day-to-day. Have a better one.

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